About S & T

Sounds & Tones (S&T) is an entertainment and promotion company from the Berkshires of Massachusetts, originally founded in 2011 as a record label.

S&T books concerts and offers artist acquisition/management, media, and marketing support to venues, and community partners.

We believe that the music scene should be D.I.T (Do It Together) and we work closely with many local and regional partners to create memorable music performances and experiences for our patrons.  We are a 100% volunteer crew and we do this for the love of music and a creative community.  That said, we couldn’t do what we do without our dedicated members, friends, and partners.

Read about S&T in Berkshire Magazine



Sounds & Tones members, volunteers and artists at Figment Arts Festival 2016


Who Are We? As a volunteer outfit, our team is ever-changing, and we rely so much on the support of our street team and patrons, but some tenured members of the S&T team are:

Christopher Hantman – Director / Founder

Francesca Olsen – Marketing Director / Founder of Digital Wheat Paste / Artist of House Sparrow

Christopher Tate – Box Office Manager / Social Media

Brianna Jones – Financial Adviser

Sam Boyden – Adviser / Sound / Lighting

Joe Aidonidis – Adviser / Sound / Lighting / Artist of House Sparrow



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